Ramsdell Bird Walk

A small group of birders met at Ramsdell Park on Glen Hill Hwy yesterday, April 2, 2017.  We recorded 28 bird species and 4 frog species (Wood, Chorus, Peepers and Leopard).


Clinton Christmas Bird Count

Good morning, it is the season of Christmas Bird Counts! The Clinton CBC will be Sunday, December 21, 2014 this year. If you are a “regular” Clinton CBC’er, please join us again and we always welcome new friends to bird with us. Please register at the following link through the Audubon website at http://birds.audubon.org/get-involved-christmas-bird-count-find-count-near-you . Owling is always an option in the morning and we have had great birds show up on count day, including a Snowy Owl guest appearance last year. A post count dinner will follow at JR’s Hometown Grill and Pub in Tecumseh at 5:30 p.m., parking is in back. Please see the link for more details, they are open until 9 p.m. on Sunday: http://www.jrsgrillandpub.com/ .

Audubon Clinton Christmas Bird Count

Are you ready to participate in one of the most fun CBC’s out in the country? Covering three counties and habitat from farmland to wetlands and woodlands?IMG_2119
Of course you are? If you are so excited…you can’t wait for December 22nd to bird all day long, please get a hold of me and I will assign you to a count section in our circle! If you don’t know what a Christmas Bird Count is or would like to sign up, please click on this link to find out: http://birds.audubon.org/christmas-bird-count After a great day of counting birds, we will all meet at the Clinton Inn in Clinton for dinner!

DNR to host Owl Prowl at Lake Hudson SRA

2013 Owl Prowl Flyer - Lake Hudson

It is that time of year again where owls will be calling in the countryside at dusk. Join us for a night walk at Hudson SRA to try and call in owls and hear a response. Tracy Ball from the Department of Natural Resources will be on hand to showcase some cool owl features and I will be leading the walk! Last year we had about 75 people show up even though the weather wasn’t ideal and some of us heard a Great Horned Owl. If you plan on attending, please dress for the weather! See the flyer for more details.

Finding birds and meaning

Finding birds and meaning by Goyo P
Finding birds and meaning, a photo by Goyo P on Flickr.

At the end of the day last Saturday I found myself staring out at the horizon listening to a Meadowlark sing. This year’s North American Migration Count was over. I was tired and hungry and ready to head home…but not until the meadowlark finished his song. Today I was thinking about the birds I saw on that day. Seventy seven species is no record and I didnt find anything extremely rare. I thought about the old mountaineering words, “conquistador of the useless” Those words describe my relationship with birding pretty well. I try not to get caught up in competitive birding. I try not to focus on the numbers. I admit I do succumb to it occasionally. But at the end of the day it isnt the number that feels so good. It’s the knowing. It’s knowing where the best place is to find a Loon, or a Yellow-breasted Chat. It’s also the discovering of those things on your own without being told. It’s the journey that you make to get to the number that matters. It’s the journey that makes me feel more connected to nature. I think it would be pretty awesome to post a video documenting each of the birders who participated in the Lenawee NAMC. It’s fascinating to me to hear about how birders find birds. It’s just as interesting as the bird itself in my opinion. Stay tuned on that thought. =)

Powell Sanctuary Tour, Michigan Nature Association

Heron Rookery by Goyo P
Heron Rookery, a photo by Goyo P on Flickr.

You’re invited to join a bird hike through Michigan Nature Association’s Powell Sanctuary near Hudson, MI, this coming Saturday — April 20th, from 8-11, led by Lenawee birders Janet Kauffman, Gregg Perez and Johanna Lentz.

Please RSVP and get directions from:
Matt Schultz
Regional Stewardship Organizer
Michigan Nature Association
326 E Grand River
Williamston, MI 48895
C: (517) 643-6864
E: mschultz@michigannature.org

Janet Kauffman, Steward
Powell Memorial Sanctuary