Kwakwath tri-fecta of my own

I could not let Gregg outdo me at Heritage park so I went again to Trestle park and saw my first Yellow-bellied sapsucker (juvenile) along with a Hairy woodpecker, and a Red-bellied woodpecker. I was hoping to find a Downy to make it a quad-fecta but ussually easy to find I saw none. I did run into a Carolina wren which is fairly unussual this far north. See photos.


Trestle Park

Yesterday I saw 2 Cedar waxwings and today they were numerous. Also a White-throated sparrow and my mystery bird believed to be a female common yellowthroat was still in the same area. While the Cedar waxwings appeared the Robins seemed to disappear.

Trestle Park

Trestle Park is located a couple of blocks north of downtown Adrian off of W Hunt street and behind the county jail. Park in the lot, head north into the park, then take the bridge to the left across the River Raison. The boardwalk runs in a loop through the wooded area. My favorite spot is on the back side of the 1/4 mile loop near a small stream. The area is full of Cardinals, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Tufted Titmouse’s, etc. Along with a few Northern Flickers, Red-bellied woodpeckers, Brown Creepers, Downy woodpeckers, and more. In addition to the birds yesterday I saw 4 deer in this small area nestled right in the city of Adrian.