Lenawee Birders is simply a blog to share stories or reports on birding in the River Raisin, Bean and Huron Watershed.  If you would like to contribute to this blog just send me an email.

Gregg Perez

Tecumseh, MI


8 responses

  1. Gregg:

    I’d really like to spend sometime at the lagoons with you when you’re there. I’m not knowledgeable about birds, but I did notice some new visitors there last week when driving by to fix a geocache.

    • Ok! I have your email now. I will let you know the next time I head down to Morenci. I’ll see if we can organize a group trip there….and also hit Schoonover Production Area too. That place also has some great birds!

      • I would like to identify this nocturnal bird. We live in the Hudson/Clayton area. It came around in July and stayed in my woods for about a month. We have never seen it, as it starts to squawk when it gets dark and sqwawked until dawn. It squawed every 15 – 20 seconds. It’s still around, just moved down the road a bit. I still hear it. I have it recorded on my phone, but in my search, I’ve found it on U-Tube. Here is the address:

        My bird sounds slightly different, but it is the same bird. I’m hoping you can just say, “Oh, that’s a …………..” and I can be happy, (Of course I would want to verify with something on-line) or maybe you may know of someone that could help me. Now it’s a challenge. I’ve listened to every owl call and nocturnal bird that could be in our area and came up empty. I’ve even extended my search to all owls all over. Maybe, because of the unusually warm summer, it’s not usually around here. I’m at a loss. Can you help?

        Thanks, Vicki Stuck

  2. Thanks again for the wonderful bird trip. I entered all birds into iBird to retrieve my life list later only to find out that I have to remember every entered bird and retieve to notes one by one. I think Greg made a list – would it be possible to get a copy?

    Thanks in advance!


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