2012 Clinton CBC, Section C (John Farmer)

2012 Clinton CBC, Section C (John Farmer)

The Clinton CBC brought a total of 84 different species counted in the whole count circle. There were many veteran birders helping out this year and a few new faces. The day started out very windy and Owling was a little difficult in some sections but a few people managed to see Screech Owls and hear Great horned Owls. All sections had the usual such as Northern Cardinals, Mourning Doves, Canada Geese and American Tree Sparrows. Sections B and E had the highest amounts of different species seen at 43 and 44 different species. Highlights include a Northern Goshawk from section F, a Wilson’s Snipe from Section A, a Greater white-fronted Goose from section G (southern). Many Turkey Vultures were seen, Ring-neck Pheasant was noted again, many waterfowl were present with the partially thawed water. All in all, a great day for the Clinton CBC with a wrap up dinner enjoyed by all at the Clinton Inn. Thanks to all who volunteered and spent a long day and productive day birding!


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