They’re back!

White-winged Crossbill by Goyo P
White-winged Crossbill, a photo by Goyo P on Flickr.

That’s right! White-winged Crossbills are back in town. I found a few the other day at Brookside Cemetery in Tecumseh. These birds can be somewhat elusive. They do have a unique call but whenever I see them they are silent. I typically sit quietly and look for movement. One good sign that Crossbills have been in the area are the cone droppings beneath the tree. At Brookside it’s fairly obvious if the tree is near the road. Crossbills are not the only cool bird in town. There’s that wiley Merlin that appears about every ten days sitting atop the conifer by the Tecumseh Center for the Arts. Local birder Scott Smith counted 140 Pine Siskins at his feeder in Adrian. Greg Links spotted a Northern Shrike at Ramsdell Park today. Fox Sparrows are starting to show up in many locations including Heritage Park and Bicentennial Park. All this bird activity is great! But, I’m noticing a lack of waterfowl in the county. I’m guessing it could be the lack of wetlands. Lenawee has very few, and the few that we have are dried up from the drought this summer. Schoonover Waterfowl Production Area is about 98% dried up. Even the reliable sewage lagoons in Morenci have produced very few birds. If you know of any places that are bringing in waterfowl please let us know. Anyway, it’s still pretty exciting to be outside birding in Lenawee County. Let us know if you find any awesome birds!


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