What’s nesting in your yard?

While working in the yard today I noticed I have Chicadees and House Wrens nesting.  What have you got nesting in your yard?  Seen any Warblers?  Let us know what’s happening in your yard.



2 responses

  1. There must be many nests I haven’t spotted (mourning doves, catbirds everywhere), but the nests I can see, birds going in and out, are:
    –house wren in the wren house
    –cardinal in a forsythia bush
    –chickadee in a hole in a tree stump
    –eastern kingbird in a mulberry tree just beyond the back yard; it’s been carrying off straw from the garden to the nest

  2. In my yard, I have many things coming to my bird bath (sump pump water puddle), just the other day I enjoyed a great view of a Brown Thrasher getting a drink and then hanging out in the Red bud tree outside my kitchen window, other guests include:
    -Chipping Sparrows
    -Red-wing BB
    -Song Sparrow
    -Singing Baltimore Oriole
    -Eastern Bluebirds

    I have not seen many Woodpeckers around lately though, are they on nests right now?

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