Peent! Peent! Peent!

Peent!  Peent!  Peent! by Goyo P
Peent! Peent! Peent!, a photo by Goyo P on Flickr.

Thanks to eBird I was able to locate a field full of American Woodcock. My friend, Darrin O’Brien had spotted some about ten years ago when he used to live in Lenawee County. Tonight I decided to see if they were still there. I was happy to find at least four Woodcock Peentng and putting on aerial displays in the same field Darrin found them ten years ago.

Location: Kiwanis Trail (just south of Tecumseh, MI). There is one parking space where the trail crosses Occidental Hwy. It crosses Occidental just north of Mitchell Landscaping. Park and walk southwest approximately 100 yards until you are past Mitchell Landscaping buildings and look and listen to the north. Go at dusk (approximately 8 pm) Listen for “peent” calls. Watch for aerial displays after dark.


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