Rare Geese in Morenci

Ross or Snow? by Goyo P
Ross or Snow?, a photo by Goyo P on Flickr.

If you are interested in learning about birding hot spots throughout southeast Michigan then a subscription to the University of Michigan’s birders list serve might come in handy.

Here’s a post by Karl Overman from Farmington Hills describing the Ross’s Geese at the Morenci Sewage Lagoons.
Overman wrote, “Late on Friday, March 16th, I found two Ross’s type Geese at the sewage lagoons at Morenci in Lenawee County close to the Ohio line. The were resting on the dike with Canadas and a single Tundra Swan. Given the mix and volume of white geese–Snow, Ross’s and Snow/Ross’s found earlier this month in Allegan SGA, caution is the word on identifying small white geese it seems. My thought on these two birds is that one was a hybrid and one was a Ross’s. One appeared to have a thicker bill and a bigger grin patch than I am comfortable in calling a Ross’s.

There was a good selection of waterfowl at this sewage lagoon with most of the birds on the back lagoon that is not visible from the main road but is accessible by driving a short dirt track and then walking up to the fence. Ducks there included Wood Duck (4), Shoveler (82), Ring-necked (130), Lesser Scaup (100 plus), Green-winged Teal (45), Bufflehead, Redhead, Ruddy (only 2).

The lagoons are at the NW corner of Morenci.”


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