Another Snowy in Britton

Another Snowy Night by Goyo P
Another Snowy Night, a photo by Goyo P on Flickr.

On my drive home Monday night I noticed a lot of the snow had melted off the fields. So, when I got home I grabbed my gear and headed to Britton. The all-white Snowy Owl has not been seen since last Friday. It’s probably there- just too hard to see in a snow covered field.

When I saw a tiny white object sitting on a dirt mound off Rixom Road I assumed it was the all-white Snowy Owl. But, to my surprise it was a different owl. This owl as you can see in the photo is more barred.

I spoke with birder, Johanna Lentz the other day and asked if this might be the same owl she saw several weeks ago near her family farm. She believes it is.

From observing both Snowy Owls I noticed that the all-white owl tends to sleep all day in open fields and then begins to hunt at dusk. This darker owl was hunting when I spotted it Monday night (around 4:30 pm). It’s just a guess but perhaps this owl moves around a lot during the day, thus making it harder to find? Whatever the case, we have two different Snowy Owls hanging around Britton, MI. Both are magnificent birds!


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