Britton Snowy still here

I took this photo on Monday. It was last seen yesterday (Feb. 9th) off Rixom Road. I hope to get out there again this weekend to see if I can get another look.

Also, don’t forget to stop by the Brookside Cemetery in Tecumseh.  The White-winged Crossbills are still there- feeding mostly on Hemlocks.  To find them takes a bit of patience.  I drive to the middle of the conifers and park in the circle.  It’s important to turn off the vehicle so you can hear them.  They do move around a lot from Hemlock to Hemlock so I usually wait in the circle and look for movement….from tree to tree and also from tree to ground.  Sometime they are hard to see in the tree if it’s windy.  Waiting for movement has helped me locate them.  IF it’s quiet you can almost always hear them…not just by their call but also by the sound of cones being pried open.  It kinda sounds like rice crispies when you pour milk over them….snap, crackle, pop!  Good luck and good birding!


3 responses

  1. Several birders including myself went out Saturday to look for the Snowy but were unsuccessful. We may have just missed it since we got about 2″ of snow Friday night.

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