Sunday Snowy Sunday

  Will a time come when it gets old to read or hear about Snowy Owls in Lenawee?  I don’t know.  Finding the Snowy Owl today was just as exciting as seeing it for the first time last Tuesday.  It’s not that active.  It mostly sits there, ruffles its feathers every now and then, preens, looks around at the passing Larks, and occasionally yawns.  But strangely I couldn’t keep my eyes off it.  It’s too far for a good photo.  Looking through a scope is nice.  You can see it’s face better.  But binoculars work just fine.  I enjoyed meeting so many birders from all over southeast Michigan and Ohio.  Shortly after I arrived on the scene at 9:30 am a dozen cars showed up, loaded with men, women, kids, teens, young and old.  I talked to a local farmer.  He was so proud of his resident owl.  He even had pictures of another Snowy Owl that landed in his tree a few years ago.    Some photographers looked frustrated…contemplated jumping the irrigation ditch.  But nobody wants to be the one who flushes the owl and prevents others from seeing it.  Most folks were content to simply be in its presence.  My favorite part of the day was watching two young kids look through my scope.  I lowered it down to their level.  The look of pure happiness filled their faces.  I met several birders who subscribe to the University of Michigan Birders list serve.  It was nice to put names to faces.

The Snowy Owl was located in a field south of M-50, east of Downing Road, north of Pocklington.  Pocklington Road seemed to be the best vantage point.

Good birding!


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