Lenawee County Snowy Owl

Lenawee County Snowy Owl by Goyo P
Lenawee County Snowy Owl, a photo by Goyo P on Flickr.

Britton, MI seems to be the epicenter for Snowy Owl sightings in Lenawee County.

This Snowy Owl was spotted on Monday night by Russell Columbus of Tecumseh.  It was sitting on a power pole along M-50 near County Line Road.  On Tuesday morning Blissfield resident, Charles Owens, relocated the owl in a field off Downing Road.

I took a drive to Britton Tuesday evening and found the beautiful Snowy Owl in the same field earlier reported by Owens.  Janet Kauffman of Hudson and friends were there when I arrived.  She stated, ” The owl was resting, roosting, sometimes preening,” for the 2 1/2 hours she was there.  “Far enough away that a scope helps, but close enough to see clearly with binoculars”.

Although this Snowy Owl is receiving a lot of attention from local birders it is not the first Snowy Owl to appear in Lenawee County recently.   On January 18th Alyson and John Wielfaert spotted a Snowy Owl further north on Downing Road.   Johanna Wielfaert-Lentz saw both Snowy Owls and stated the second owl was whiter with less streaking in the plumage.

As fascinating as Snowy Owls are, it is important to maintain a respectable distance.  These owls have travelled long distances and are under tremendous stress.  It’s best to just let them be and enjoy them from a distance.  For more information about Snowy Owls see the article from Sunday’s Detroit Free Press.


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