Owl at the Moon!

Mark your calendar!  On Monday, January 30th at 6 pm a few birders are gathering at Indian Crossings Park in Tecumseh.  We plan to walk the trails to call in a few owls. 

This is a free unsponsored event.  We’re just a bunch of bird lovers trying to organize regularly scheduled birding events in Lenawee County.  The agenda is as follows….

1.  Meet and Greet:  We’ll all meet in the parking lot behind the Tecumseh Community Center at 6:00 pm  (703 E. Chicago Blvd).  It’s a big white building with a water wheel in the front on M-50.  You can’t miss it.   

2.  We walk:  We plan to hike the trails within the park at night, starting at 6:15pm.  Owl calls will be played (via an iPod) at certain spots along the trails to try to draw in Screech Owls, Barred Owls and Great Horned Owls.  Dress for the weather and wear a sturdy pair of boots as the trails may be muddy or icy.  We will walk approximately 1-2 miles and try to walk quietly without talking.  Flash photography is not recommended as we hope to enjoy the owls without disrupting their vision.  If you bring a flash light please cover the lens with red cellophane.

3.  Social Hour:  Everyone is invited to meet at Basil Boys Restaurant (125 W. Chicago Blvd.) afterwards in downtown Tecumseh, MI.   

As birders we understand that calling in owls is not something that should be done very often as it may confuse them.  Therefore, we only intend to offer this event once or twice a year.  We hope it provides an educational opportunity for children and others who may have never seen or heard an owl before.   

Please RSVP!  We would like to limit the size of our group to 15-20 persons.


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