Christmas Bird Count 2011

American Crow, Perusing the Fields of Lenawee County

On Sunday, December 18th a group of birders, including myself, participated in the Audubon Christmas Bird Count.  The count area was a 15 mile radius around the city of Clinton, MI.

I spent the entire day birding around the City of Tecumseh and north of Clinton.  Overall, total numbers and number of species were down for me this year.  But I still had fun.  The highlight of my day was being surrounded by approximately 350 American Crow in the middle of nowhere and finding a Screech Owl peeking his head out of an owl box.

Now that the CBC is over I doubt I will be birding as much.  It’s time to go cross-country skiing.  It’s time to make some art.  It’s time to design that spring garden to attract more wildlife.

Keep those feeders full.

For those of you who can’t get enough birds, dont forget about the Great Backyard Bird Count coming up in a month or so.  I’ll write about that next week.

Good Birding!



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