Owl Prowl @ Hayes State Park

Tonight, seventy-eight people took a slow stroll through Michigan woodlands at Hayes State Park to look for owls.  Chelsea, the naturalist at Hayes State Park, led the walk and played Screech and Barred Owl calls through her iPod to draw them in.  Although no owls cooperated tonight I don’t think anyone left disappointed.  It was a calm night.  The temps were in the 40’s.  And, midway through the walk the moonlight broke through the clouds.  We all huddled around a bonfire before and after the walk.  It was truly a beautiful night to take a stroll though the woods.  Before I left Chelsea thanked everyone for coming.  I was happy to hear her say in her closing statement that the woods are not a scary place.  We should all take time to stroll through them to hear the sounds of nature.  Soon after I overheard many people tell their own personal stories of owls in their own back yard.  I was pleased to see such a big crowd show up for a birding event in Lenawee County and I’m looking forward to more nature based activities at Hayes State Park.  Kudos to Tracy Ball who organized the event.  For more information about events at Hayes State Park visit their website.


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