Northern Shrike…at last

Julian by Goyo P
Julian, a photo by Goyo P on Flickr.

I went birding with my dad yesterday evening.  We both needed some fresh air.  His Uncle…my Great Uncle Julian passed away on Monday.  The funeral was yesterday.  After the funeral we hopped in the car and headed towards Morenci.  We stopped at the sewage ponds but there wasnt much there.  So we stopped at Schoonover but only found one swan.  I decided to make a quick pass through the Lake Hudson Recreation Area.  Not many people were there.  It was cold and windy.  A few people were camping, but that’s it.  I told my dad I had been searching for a Northern Shrike in Lenawee.  Many have been spotted in Jackson and Washtenaw Counties.  We knew to look for them at the tippy top of trees.  Well, as soon as we pulled into the beach area parking lot I spotted a bird in the distance at the tippy top of a small tree in the middle of an open scrub field.  We both pulled out our binoculars to see if it was indeed a Shrike and it was.  I inched a little closer and positioned my car to get a long distance picture through the window.  He moved around quite a bit from tree to tree.  Eventually he flew off  towards the North.  I told my dad we might get another chance to see him because he flew towards the road.  So we drove out of the parking area and sure enough there he was perched on an overhead power line over the road.  We watched him there for a few minutes.  I took bunch of pics before I realized I mistakenly set my exposure compensation for darker pics instead of lighter pics.  I needed to lighten him up since he was backlit by the sun, but ended up with 20 Shrike silhouettes.  Oh well….I got excited.  This is a new life bird for me.  I really don’t mind not getting a perfect photo.  I just needed a picture in case needed proof.  I got my proof.  But most importantly I got to share this new bird with my dad.  I named this bird Julian.

Good Birding!

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